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After a day of hot, sunny fun, you rush for the front door. You reach for the knob, turn it, and push the door open. Instead of a blast of cold air, you get a face full of temperate air. You rush to your thermostat and make sure everything’s set correctly. You’re hoping the problem’s obvious. It’s not. And, just like that, comfort vanishes and panic settles in. Do you need an Bossier City AC repair? Should you have scheduled that Shreveport air conditioning tune-up sooner? Has your air conditioner reached the end of its days?

Though once seen as a luxury in Shreveport, AC units are now commonplace. A lot of people in the Bossier City and Bossier City area won’t even buy a home without an air conditioner. Some locales go so far as to ban properties being sold that lack some form of central AC. But, like all machines, air conditioning units will eventually break down. And, for most homeowners, trying to repair them DIY is a bad idea. That’s where our local HVAC company comes in.

SBC provides a wide range of residential and commercial AC services in Shreveport. This includes not only simple air conditioner repair but also full system replacement and maintenance. With over 14 years of HVAC experience, we’re well-acquainted with the most popular AC brands. Though our office is in Shreveport, our heating and cooling company proudly service all of the Shreveport area.

Prompt AC Service in Shreveport

When the dog days of summer are nipping at your heels, the last thing you want to do is sit around waiting for Shreveport AC service. But it’s important to be patient and take the necessary steps to prevent overheating. This can include anything from drinking plenty of water to hooking up fans and taking cool showers. In other words, do everything you can to keep cool until our air conditioning service experts arrive. Fortunately, you won’t be waiting long.

Our local HVAC company knows how vital prompt AC service is in Shreveport’s summer. For that reason, we do all we can to schedule appointments within a few days. Rest assured, whether your breakdown comes in May or August, that our air conditioning technicians are here and ready to assist. So, if you’d like comfort fast, give us a call at (318) 465-0853. We look forward to being your go-to source for AC service in Shreveport for years to come.

Trusted HVAC Technicians in Bossier City

When it comes to keeping cool in Shreveport, you should only trust a licensed AC company. And, when you work with SBC, that’s precisely what you get. Fully-insured and licensed, our heating and cooling business is supported by 14 years of expertise. No matter what issue is plaguing your AC unit, we have the skills necessary to quickly identify and repair the problems.

Whether you just need a company for annual AC maintenance or a complex air conditioning repair, SBC is here to help. We invite you to get to know us.

Call (318) 465-0853 now for an estimate on AC Installation in Shreveport. Financing is available!

Our AC Services in Shreveport

AC Repair

Your air conditioner is actually pretty complex. Sometimes the problem with your AC unit is just a clogged filter. Other times, you might need a compressor replacement. That’s why repairing it is something best left to a Shreveport HVAC contractor. Rest assured, when renewed summer comfort is what you’re after, our AC repair professionals are just a call away. Give (318) 465-0853 to schedule AC service in Bossier City, Bossier City, or Shreveport.


AC Replacement

A well-cared for air conditioner can last up to 20 years. If yours is getting older, it’s probably time to budget for a replacement. While you might find do-it-yourself AC replacement videos on YouTube, this is a job best left to a local HVAC professional. In doing so, you’ll know the unit you install is sized correctly and supported by a proper ductwork system. For trustworthy AC replacement in Shreveport, reach out to us by phone or form.


AC Maintenance

Your car and your Shreveport AC unit have a lot in common. They’re both complex machines with a number of moving parts. And, more relevantly, both of them require regular maintenance checks. The advantages of regular air conditioning tune-ups are many and include lower utility bills and more efficient operation. For more information about the importance of AC maintenance in Shreveport, check out our page below.


AC Installation

Maybe your house was built before air conditioners were common in Louisiana. Perhaps you’re putting the finishing touches on a newly built home. No matter why you need air conditioning installation in Shreveport, our local HVAC company is here to lend a wrench. From ductwork design to system size calculations, we’ll take all the steps necessary to ensure your air conditioning unit is the perfect fit. Rest assured, we’ll keep in touch throughout the process.


Ductless AC Service

Do you live in a place without existing ductwork? Then, you’ve probably realized how expensive retrofitting a central AC unit can be. If you’re looking for a cheaper, easier way to cool your garage or older home, then it’s time to consider installing a ductless mini-split in Shreveport. To learn more about how these duct-free AC options can accommodate you, visit the page below.


Heat Pump Service

While once limited to more temperate climates, modern heat pumps aren’t afraid of the cold. This is one reason we’ve seen increased demand for them in the Shreveport area. As your local HVAC experts, we’re here to assist with all your heat pump needs. To schedule heat pump service with Bossier City's go-to HVAC contractor, pick up your phone and dial (318) 465-0853.


Heat Pump Repair

When your Shreveport heat pump breaks down, you want it repaired quickly and correctly. That’s where the heating and AC experts at SBC come in. Upon arriving, our HVAC technician will examine your heat pump for potential issues. Then, we’ll try to slim down the potential causes. Give us a call to schedule ductless or ducted heat pump repair in Shreveport. We look forward to ensuring your satisfaction.


Heat Pump Maintenance

Like every type of HVAC equipment, heat pumps require regular maintenance. Without it, your system’s performance will start to suffer. While performing your heat pump tune-up, the technician will verify that the air flow is adequate and there are no leaks present. We’ll also recommend any needed updates during our visit. To schedule heat pump service in Shreveport, give us a call at (318) 465-0853 or fill out our online form.


Heat Pump Conversion

Looking for a way to cut down those energy bills? Want to satisfy a desire to live “greener”? Then, it’s time to explore Shreveport heat pump installation. The conversion process is simple and qualifies you for what could be thousands in energy rebates. For more information on switching from central AC to a heat pump, do a deep dive on the page linked below. We’re proud to provide this service throughout the Bossier City and Shreveport area.


Swamp Cooler Service

Since you live in an arid area like Shreveport, you have another air conditioning option—evaporative coolers (aka swamp coolers). Working off the principles of perspiration, the moist pads inside of a swamp cooler can easily bring down the temperature inside your home. Often found on roofs, these units can be difficult to install and maintain. Fortunately, whether you want to repair or replace your swamp cooler in Shreveport, our company is just a phone call away. Give a jingle to schedule evaporative cooler repair in Shreveport.


Air Handler Service

Since you live in Shreveport, you can probably get by without a furnace or dedicated heater. But, without those two things, the cool air your AC generates couldn’t cycle. Air handlers are added to cooling-only set-ups to push the air throughout your home. And, just like with ACs and heat pumps, SBC’s HVAC technicians can repair, replace, and maintain them.

Service Your Air Handler

Whole House Fans

Once spring and autumn arrive, temperatures in Shreveport are milder. During those times of the year, running your furnace or air conditioner is a bit overkill. That’s why we sometimes recommend Shreveport whole house fan installation. Typically installed at your home’s peak, these high-powered fans pull in cooler outdoor air through open windows and to move warmer air up and out. They’re basically out-of-sight ceiling fans. For a quote on installing a whole house fan in Bossier City or Shreveport, reach out to us at (318) 465-0853.

Fix Your Whole House Fan

Things to Look For in an AC Contractor

When you need the best HVAC company in Shreveport, there are a few things to keep an eye out for. The characteristics of a good heating and AC contractor include:

  1. Ample Experience: Has the company been around the block a few times? Are their HVAC technicians trustworthy and experienced? Our Shreveport AC service business can answer yes to both. Our company has been open since 2009 and possesses ample cooling experience.
  2. A Great Reputation: What do former customers say about them on Google, Facebook, and the BBB? How do they respond to less positive feedback? If their reviews are less than sunny when it comes to AC service in Shreveport, we suggest going with someone else.
  3. Clear Warranties: Does your Shreveport HVACcompany guarantee your satifaction? How long do they stand behind their AC repairs and replacements? If they aren’t willing to stand behind their service, we suggest opting for another HVAC contractor. A good HVAC company in Shreveport—like us—backs everything we do with a clearly stated guarantee.
  4. Active Licensing: Is your HVAC contractor licensed to work in the state of Louisiana? We are! Though you might save a few bucks hiring a handyman, insurance might not cover damages caused by unlicensed work. Many handymen in Shreveport also aren’t equipped to properly service air conditioners and heat pumps.
As you probably guessed, our Shreveport AC service business checks off all of these boxes. That’s why so many people in our slice of Louisiana rely on us for their summertime comfort.

Other Air Conditioning Options

A traditional AC system isn’t a perfect fit for every home in Shreveport. There are some circumstances where we’ll suggest a different cooling option. Other equipment we might recommend includes:

  • Heat Pump: Often exclusive to more temperate climates, heat pumps are now common across the United States. Able to both cool and heat, they’re often lauded for their versatility. Because of their eco-friendliness, many municipalities are offering rebates and discounts on installing them. Give (318) 465-0853 a call for more information about heat pump service in Shreveport.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits: For homes too old for ductwork, a mini-split is an excellent option. When it comes to heating and cooling your home in Shreveport, they provide a flexibility central AC units struggle to match. They’re also a great choices for homes in Bossier City with attics and additions. With room-by-room temperature control, there's a lot less wasted energy.
  • Swamp Coolers: For those of you in more arid areas, evaporative coolers are a potential option. These AC alternatives work off the principles of evaporation. For more information on swamp cooler installation in Shreveport, give a call. We also assist in evaporator pad changes and evaporative cooler repair.
Which of these systems is right for you is a matter best left to an Shreveport HVAC contractor. Only a heating and cooling professional has the skills necessary to select the proper equipment.

Why is the Go-To AC Contractor in Shreveport

When you need AC service in Shreveport, you should start by calling SBC. A trusted community member since 2009, we’re dedicated to ensuring every customer lives in year-round comfort. This is why we prioritize superior customer service and provide upfront quotes on air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance. We invite you to give us a call at (318) 465-0853 to get scheduled. Our HVAC experts are sure to leave a lasting and positive impression.

Frequently Asked AC Questions

AC Maintenance FAQs

How Much Will AC Service in Shreveport Cost Me?

A lot of customers in Shreveport ask for pricing over the phone. They think of AC service like a commodity—something with a pre-determined price. But we can’t provide accurate diagnoses remotely. There are a number of factors involved in Bossier City AC service and replacement. And, until we’re on-site, we can’t take all of them into account. We want to provide a firm and accurate price. Rest assured, our local HVAC contractors won’t start work until you agree to our plan and charges. Give us a call at (318) 465-0853 to get started.
Major AC repairs in Shreveport, like condenser replacements, can easily run into the thousands. Prices like that can make it hard to decide if a new AC installation or a repair is the better option. The right answer depends on a number of factors including the age of your unit. If your air conditioner is over ten years old, we usually suggest replacing it. As time goes on, it’s only going to get less efficient. Putting off the replacement, in those cases, almost always costs you more in the long run. For newer AC units in Shreveport, repairing them is typically the better, more economical route.
Your home feels like a sauna because your AC is out. Don't suffer, worried it's going to cost an arm and a leg for AC service in Bossier City or Bossier City. It may be something simple. First, verify that your breaker hasn’t tripped, and your thermostat is set to cool. If you haven’t swapped filters in a while, it might be time to take a look. Lastly, if debris clings to your outdoor unit, hose it off. If none of these work, give our Shreveport HVAC service company a jingle at (318) 465-0853.
For people in Shreveport who want to keep utility bills low, set the thermostat to ‘Auto’. This means your air conditioning unit only turns on when the thermostat reaches a certain temperature. If you prefer consistency—and don’t mind spending more to cool your home—On is ideal. Just don’t forget to shut it off! You want to be comfortable, not frozen!
The AC service experts at SBC are qualified to fix any brand or model of air conditioner. This includes all major brands such as Amana, Carrier, Bryant, Rheem, American Standard, and Trane. Even if your AC unit in Shreveport is from some obscure manufacturer, we’re equipped to diagnose and repair it. Reach out to us at (318) 465-0853 to schedule an appointment.
Removing humidity is one of your air conditioner’s major functions. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see a little condensation. If you find huge puddles or notice a constant drip something’s wrong. Typical causes of leaks include a lack of refrigerant, initial AC installation issues, dirty filters, and clogged condensate lines.
Reducing HVAC energy consumption is a great way to save on energy bills. Consider upgrading your AC system to a newer, more efficient unit, as it often pays for itself over time. Opting for ENERGY STAR-rated units can also lead to substantial savings and potential rebates. Keep the area around your AC unit clear of debris and vegetation, and keep your curtains and windows closed during the summer to limit heat entering your home, allowing your air conditioner to work more efficiently.
Schedule your AC replacement in Bossier City LA today.

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