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Heater and AC Repair in Bossier City

AC repair in Bossier City

SBC Cooling & Heating proudly serves Bossier City, the second most populous city in the Shreveport metropolitan area. With a population of over 60,000 people, depending on us we are happy to be the go-to HVAC company for all of Bossier City’s heating and AC needs.

Our services are designed to keep you comfortable indoors throughout the year. Our AC technicians respond to emergency and non-emergency AC service needs during the hot summer. We are also your go-to furnace and heat pump repair technicians when winter temperatures plummet.

Our experienced HVAC technicians are locals. We know every nook and cranny of Bossier City from Carriage Oaks to Shady Grove, to Bellaire, and Greenacres. Our expert and local knowledge of the road networks make it easier to locate you and fix your HVAC problems throughout the year.

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Our Bossier City Heating and AC Solutions

SBC Cooling & Heating is as local as it gets. Rooted in neighboring Shreveport, our team of HVAC experts brings over a century of combined experience to Bossier City, an area we know like the back of our hand. We're fully aware that the temperature here can range from a chilly 38°F in winter to a blistering 94°F in summer. The extreme temperatures make timely HVAC service not just a convenience, but a necessity. Whether you own a home or a business, our AC and heating services are designed to meet your specific needs. Our commercial and residential HVAC solutions include include:

AC Services in Bossier City

The morning jog is now complete—sweat pours down, staining your clothes with signs of your hard work. When you open the door, however, it’s not the coolness of a functioning AC that greets you. Instead, you hit a balmy, humid wall. After a bit of tinkering, you determine this HVAC problem is out of your control. That’s where we come in. SBC Cooling & Heating is your one-stop HVAC company for all your air conditioning problems in Bossier City. Our AC services include:

AC Repair

People in Bossier City know how nasty weather in Louisiana can be. An unexpected AC issue only amplifies the problem. This misery is amplified when your AC starts malfunctioning. Whether the issue is a leak or a bad thermostat, you can count on our AC repair experts to get things running again. From simple repairs to more comprehensive rebuilds, most jobs can be tackled in one visit. Be Cool Again

AC Replacement

Most people don’t want to install a new air conditioner in Bossier City. We get that. But nothing lasts forever. Whether your new AC is planned or an inconvenience, we’re here to make the installation process go smoothly. Since all new equipment quotes come complimentary, there’s no reason to put things off. If an AC replacement seems out of budget, ask about our low-cost financing options. Save Money On Utility Bills

Condenser Repair

The condenser is a vital, expensive part of the standard air conditioner. Its failure is a driving factor for many early AC replacements in Bossier City. If fixing it is economical–or the only thing you can afford to do–we’re happy to perform a condenser repair.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Homes built before the 1900s weren’t constructed with ductwork. This makes installing a central AC an expensive job, especially if you want to keep your home’s character. Luckily, our Bossier City experts know how to properly install, repair, and maintain ductless AC units. More efficient than a typical air conditioner, mini-splits and ductless heat pumps are quickly becoming a go-to option in Bossier City. Go Ductless

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Scheduling regular AC maintenance in Bossier City is just another part of good homeownership. Typically done once or twice a year, these tune-ups ensure your home’s HVAC system is equipped to handle whatever Louisiana throws at it. Prepare For Summer

Air Handler Service

Some homes in Bossier City need a bit of helping pushing out cold air. This job–typically left to a furnace in the north–can also be left up to an air handler. If you think there’s a problem with yours, or you want one installed, our AC service experts can lend a wrench. Get Things Blowing

Need help with any of the AC problems above? Contact SBC Cooling & Heating at (318) 465-0853. We'll send one of our experienced Bossier City AC technicians to your home or business to fix it.

Heating Services in Bossier City

Returning home after work, you find your home is about as warm as the January air. You check the thermostat and try the breakers. Your furnace or heat pump still refuses to kick on. You're not sure if this is a simple repair or the final nail in the coffin for your old heater. Fortunately, as a resident of Bossier City, you have access to a true HVAC professional.

Our local and heating experts are familiar with all types of furnace and heater issues, including:

Heater Service

It might be a heat pump. It could be a furnace or a ductless mini-split.. Whatever it is, you know it helps you get through winter. Fortunately, there’s an ‘H’ in HVAC. If your thermostat dips below what’s comfortable, our Bossier City heating company can assist.

Get Cozy

Furnace Repair

The temperature in Bossier City hovers between 40 and 50 degrees. But, for some reason, your furnace won’t kick on. Don’t waste time trying to DIY a fix! Give (318) 465-0853 a call instead. We can quickly diagnose the cause of your furnace breakdown and provide a solution.

Stay Warm

Furnace Replacement

Once your furnace hits double digits, it’s time to consider a replacement. Not only will this improve system efficency but being proactive ensures you’re not left inside in the cold. Though a new furnace installation can be expensive, our business offers a number of discounts and financing options.

Install a New Furnace

Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps provide comfort in all seasons. A simple flip of a switch reverses their flow–allowing them to both heat and cool. But this process doesn’t always work as intended. When a breakdown happens, you can trust Bossier City’s heat pump repair experts–SBC--to remedy it.

Ensure Heat Pump Functionality

Heating Maintenance

Though they spend three-quarters of the year collecting dust, your heater should be able to spring into action at a moment’s notice. The best way to ensure it does is regular heating maintenance. Routine furnace or heat pump tune-ups keep your system running well–taking the worry out of cold snaps.

Keep Your HVAC Running

When your home isn’t as cozy as you need it to be, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or form. We look forward to having you join our family of happy customers.

The Company All of Bossier City Is Abuzz About

We're more than just a hive mind; we're a hive of action! We pride ourselves on being the bee's knees when it comes to AC repair in Bossier City. From the trendiest corners of Pecan Park to the laid-back vibes of Shady Grove, we’ve got all your HVAC needs covered. Our service map includes the zip codes 71037, 71110, 71111, 71112, 71113, 71171, and 71172. As you know, this area includes great neighborhoods like:

  • Bellaire Savannah Place
  • Ben's Place
  • Shady Grove
  • Cypress Place
  • South Bossier Park
  • DeGuerce
  • Southern Gardens
  • Pecan Park
  • Southgate Estates
  • Pecan Square
  • Sun City

So, if you're unsure who to call for top-notch AC service in any part of Bossier City, look no further! Based out of neighboring Shreveport, we're as local as it gets and deeply familiar with all the listed areas from Savannah Place to Sun City. Our hive of satisfied customers can attest to our expertise and quality service—just check out our glowing reviews!

Why SBC Is the Smart Decision For Bossier City

SBC Cooling & Heating is a family-owned HVAC company with deep roots in the Bossier City area. As a small business, we understand the importance of keeping your home and business comfortable. For businesses like us, trust is vital. That’s why we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with clients throughout greater Shreveport.

Our core values revolve around integrity, honesty, building long-lasting relationships, and delivering value. We go the extra mile to make our customers happy by offering:

Free Estimates

We believe you should know what you’re paying before we start. That’s why we offer upfront pricing and free estimates on new AC installations in Bossier City. We also take time to explain the services we provide and answer questions as we go through our quote process. To get a complimentary quote on ductless air conditioner or ac replacement, give (318) 465-0853 a call.

Unbeatable Deals

We combine the finest heating and cooling services in Bossier City with unbeatable deals to help you save more money while improving indoor comfort. Check our coupons and promotions page for the latest deals we're offering.

Flexible HVAC Financing

Are you cash-strapped? Do you need immediate and professional Bossier City HVAC service? We can help. SBC Cooling & Heating offers flexible and easy financing options as low as 0%. We aim to help you remain financially comfortable while addressing your heating and AC needs. Call (318) 465-0853 or apply online to get started.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Our Bossier City AC and heating service technicians are the best in skill, attitude, and workmanship. We prove this by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on services and industry-leading warranties on parts. Named the “Best of Bossier City HVAC 2015, 2016, and 2021”, we take quality and customer satisfaction seriously. You can be sure to get more than your money's worth when you choose us.

Need a reliable company for your air conditioner or heating installation, repair, or replacement in Bossier City? Contact SBC Cooling & Heating—call (318) 465-0853 or contact us online!

Choose SBC Cooling & Heating for AC Repair in Bossier City

You deserve the best air conditioning and heating services in Shreveport. This means having a service team that puts your happiness above all else. That is why we promise to arrive on time and perform the work we are assigned to do. All quotes will be given upfront and customer service issues handled promptly. At SBC Cooling & Heating, we make this happen.Our HVAC technicians know every nook and cranny of Bossier City, ensuring we promptly get to your home or business.

Upon arrival, we will diagnose the problem and provide a number of potential solutions. This will include something that is within your budget–with or without financing. We will also provide practical advice and suggestions to increase your energy savings and keep your bills down.

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