Heat Pump and AC Service in Shreveport

AC repair in Shreveport

Shreveport is the third most populous city in Louisiana with about 400,000 residents who deserve the best heating and cooling services. This population is split amongst over 100 distinct neighborhoods. Created by the Shreve Town Company in 1836, the city was designed to give the business easy access to both the nearby river and the newly independent Republic of Texas. The discovery of oil in Louisiana catapulted its population. Nowadays, it’s considered the cultural and educational center of the Ark-La-Tex region.

With temperatures reaching a record high of about 110 degrees during the summer months and a record low of -5 degrees in winter, homes and businesses cannot afford to have their HVAC systems break down.

SBC Cooling & Heating is there for you during the sweltering hot summer and cold winter months. Our team comprises the most experienced and highly trained contractors in the Shreveport area. They provide fast response times, detailed diagnoses, and free upfront estimates. We always use quality parts for repairs and recommend long-term solutions to keep you comfortable in all seasons.

Need a reliable HVAC contractor in Shreveport, and the surrounding areas? Call (318) 465-0853.

Shreveport Heating and AC

At SBC Cooling & Heating, we are dedicated to fixing all your heating and AC problems. We make this happen by offering a wide range of HVAC services to keep you comfortable all year round. Our team offers over 100 years of combined experience in AC and furnace repair, installation, and maintenance.

Our services cut across your commercial and residential needs.

AC Services in Shreveport

Have you gotten home and found it sweltering? Is your AC unit grinding or whining on start-up? Then, you likely need help from a local HVAC contractor. SBC is your one-stop solution for air conditioner service in Shreveport. Our AC repair technicians are trained to address any cooling problem including:

AC Repair

As a Shreveport resident, you know how nasty Louisiana summers can be. This misery is amplified when your AC starts malfunctioning. Maybe it sprung a refrigerant leak, struggles to reach temperature, or lost a valuable part. Whatever the issue, you can count on our HVAC experts to handle it. From diagnosis to repair, most fixes can be completed same day. Be Cool Again

AC Replacement

While few people wake up with a desire to fork over money for a new air conditioner, there are times when this is unavoidable. Whether the need was discovered during an AC service call or was planned, SBC is here to ensure the air conditioner installation process goes smoothly. All quotes on AC replacement in Shreveport are free, so there’s no reason to put things off. Call (318) 465-0853 today. Save Money On Utility Bills

Condenser Repair

A condenser is an expensive, integral part of your air conditioner. And, in many cases, its failure prompts the need for a new AC in Shreveport. If fixing it is economical–or the only thing you can afford to do–we’re happy to perform a condenser repair.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Maybe your home was built in the 1920s–long before ductwork became a standard feature in the American home. Or, perhaps, you’ve just added a new addition. Either way, our Shreveport HVAC technicians can help get you comfortable. More efficient than a central air conditioner, these units are quickly becoming a common sight in Louisiana. Go Ductless

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Imagine what your car would run like if you never did an oil change. Well, that’s what happens to your AC unit when you skip regular maintenance. During thee checkups we not only clean dirtied components but also test electrical components and look for any potential break points. This allows you to start summer on the right flip-flop. Prepare For Summer

Air Handler Service

Up north, furnaces provide the oomph ACs need to distribute air,. But a lot of homes down here don’t have that as an option. That’s where air handlers come in. Designed to distribute air from one place to another, these systems ensure every corner stays cool and comfortable. At SBC, we not only repair air handlers but also fix and install them. Get Things Blowing

Need help with any of the AC problems above? Contact SBC Cooling & Heating at (318) 465-0853. We'll send one of our experienced Shreveport AC technicians to your home or business to fix it.

Heating Services in Shreveport

Though it doesn't get as cold here as it does in northern states, there are still times when Father Winter strikes. Whether the issue is a sudden furnace failure or a missed tune-up, our HVAC company is here for you. SBC Cooling & Heating has local and professional Shreveport heating technicians ready to fix all your heating issues. Our heating solutions include:

Heating Service

It might be a furnace. It could be a heat pump or a ductless mini-split. You just know it heats your home. Fortunately, that’s what puts the ‘H’ in HVAC. If the thermostat is dipping below what’s comfortable, we can help. Contact us for prompt heater service in Shreveport or Shreveport.

Get Cozy

Furnace Repair

It’s chill outside–somewhere on the lower side of 50 degrees. But, for whatever reason, your furnace won’t kick on. Before trying the old kick-it fix, give (318) 465-0853 a ring. We can quickly diagnose the cause of your heating issue and quickly correct it. Visit the below link for more information on furnace repair in Shreveport.

Stay Warm

Furnace Replacement

When your furnace gets old enough to drink, it’s time to consider replacing it. Not sure what it’ll cost? Don’t worry about it! Our Shreveport heating company offers complimentary quotes on furnace replacement and installation.

Install a New Furnace

Heat Pump Service

Heat pumps are HVAC appliances that work in all seasons. A simple flip of a switch reverses their flow–allowing them to both heat and cool. But this process is complex and can often break down. When that happens, you can trust Shreveport’s HVAC experts–SBC--to fix it.

Ensure Heat Pump Functionality

Heating Maintenance

Though they might collect dust three-quarters of the year, you want your heater to turn on when you need it. The best way to do that is to get regular heating maintenance from a Shreveport HVAC company. These annual or bi-annual checks ensure your furnace is ready at the drop of a moment’s notice.

Keep Your HVAC Running

When your home isn’t as warm as you want it to be, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or form. Whether it’s just advice you need or a new system question, our heating experts are here to help. We look forward to counting you among our satisfied customers in the Shreveport area.

The Company All of Shreveport Is Abuzz About

Shreveport is a large city comprised of hundreds of little boroughs. Each of them have a unique flavor and flare. In our work in this corner of Louisiana, we’ve gotten experience all of this charm first-hand. Included among our favoritie communities are:

  • Anderson Island
  • Azalea Gardens
  • Bayou Bend
  • Bellaire
  • Bellemead
  • Braemar Village
  • Broadmoor
  • Brownlee Estates
  • Brunswick Place
  • Carriage Quarters
  • Clingman Park
  • Cobblestone
  • Cornerstone
  • Cross Creek
  • Cypress Bend
  • Dixie Gardens
  • Dogwood Park
  • Dogwood South
  • Ellerbe Road
  • Emberwood
  • Forest Hills
  • Golden Meadows
  • Green Acres
  • Hidden Trace
  • Highland
  • Kings Crossing
  • Kingston Plantation
  • Lakewood
  • Legacy
  • Long Lake Estates
  • Lucky Estates
  • Madison Place
  • Magnolia Chase
  • Newcastle
  • Norris Ferry
  • Olde Oakes
  • Pecan Park
  • Pierremont Place
  • Plantation Trace
  • Provenance
  • River Bend
  • River Bluff
  • Rosedale Place
  • Sherwood Forrest
  • Southern Trace
  • Saint Charles
  • Stockwell
  • Stone Lake
  • Stone Bridge
  • Sunflower Place
  • The Colony
  • The Haven
  • The Orchard
  • Tiburon
  • Tuscany Crossing
  • Twelve Oaks
  • University Terrace
  • Wrenwood Park

Why SBC Is the Smart Decision For Shreveport

SBC Cooling & Heating is a family-owned HVAC company local to the Shreveport area. As a small business, we understand the importance of keeping your home and business comfortable. For places like us, trust is everything. That’s why we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our customers.

Our core values revolve around honesty, integrity, building long-lasting relationships, and delivering value. We go the extra mile to make our customers happy by offering:

Free Estimates

We believe you should know what you’re paying before we start. That’s why we offer upfront pricing and free estimates on new AC installations in Shreveport. We also take time to explain the services we provide and answer questions as we go through our quote process. To get a complimentary quote on ductless air conditioner or ac replacement, give (318) 465-0853 a call.

Unbeatable Deals

We combine the finest heating and cooling services in Shreveport with unbeatable deals to help you save more money while improving indoor comfort. Check our coupons and promotions page for the latest deals we're offering.

Flexible HVAC Financing

Are you cash-strapped? Do you need immediate and professional Shreveport HVAC service? We can help. SBC Cooling & Heating offers flexible and easy financing options as low as 0%. We aim to help you remain financially comfortable while addressing your heating and AC needs. Call (318) 465-0853 or apply online to get started.

Industry-Leading Warranties

Our Shreveport AC and heating service technicians are the best in skill, attitude, and workmanship. We prove this by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee on services and industry-leading warranties on parts. Named the “Best of Shreveport HVAC 2015, 2016, and 2021”, we take quality and customer satisfaction seriously. You can be sure to get more than your money's worth when you choose us.

Need a reliable company for your air conditioner or heating installation, repair, or replacement in Shreveport? Contact SBC Cooling & Heating—call (318) 465-0853 or contact us online!

Choose SBC Cooling & Heating for AC Repair in Shreveport

There aren't many Shreveport HVAC companies that can match our quality service and customer benefits. With over 100 years of experience, we deliver knowledgeable and expert heating and AC solutions designed to keep your home or business comfortable. Our team cares about you, so we offer practical advice and suggestions to help keep your bills down and improve your HVAC performance.

We cater to all customers by accepting various payment options, including cash, checks, credit and debit card. We guarantee your peace of mind by complying with all codes, licenses, and laws. We also go the extra mile by offering the best products with warranties and ongoing training for our technicians.

Get Shreveport's best AC and furnace service. Call (318) 465-0853.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HVAC, and why is it important?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It's essential for maintaining a comfortable and safe indoor environment. An efficient HVAC system controls temperature, regulates humidity, and ensures good air quality, contributing to your overall well-being and comfort. In a market like Shreveport, where summer temperatures can hit triple digits, it's a vital part of maintaining overall health. As an HVAC expert, you can trust SBC with all your heating and cooling needs.

What's the difference between a heat pump and a furnace?

A heat pump uses electricity and works by transferring heat from one space to another, making it efficient for both heating and cooling. A furnace, on the other hand, generates heat through the combustion of fuel and is typically more powerful but may be less efficient. Because of our more temperate winters, heat pump installation in Shreveport may be a great solution for heating in Shreveport.

Why Is My AC in Shreveport Freezing Up?

AC units can freeze up due to a variety of reasons such as low refrigerant levels, poor airflow, or a malfunctioning blower motor. Frozen coils impede the unit’s performance and could lead to more severe issues. If you notice this, turn off the system and call SBC for professional HVAC service in Shreveport.

Can I perform any HVAC maintenance tasks myself?

Yes, there are simple tasks like changing air filters, cleaning the outdoor unit, and checking for air leaks in your ductwork that you can do yourself. However, for more complex tasks such as refrigerant management or electrical issues, it's better to call a Shreveport HVAC Company.

What ZIP codes in Shreveport do you service?

Our local HVAC company proudly services all 35 ZIP codes in the city of Shreveport. A full list of these can be found below:

  • 71101
  • 71102
  • 71103
  • 71104
  • 71105
  • 71106
  • 71107
  • 71108
  • 71109
  • 71115
  • 71118
  • 71119
  • 71120
  • 71129
  • 71130
  • 71133
  • 71134
  • 71135
  • 71136
  • 71137
  • 71138
  • 71148
  • 71149
  • 71150
  • 71151
  • 71152
  • 71153
  • 71154
  • 71156
  • 71161
  • 71162
  • 71163
  • 71164
  • 71165
  • 71166